About OTA

Our Mission

To provide advanced growth strategies for your brand.

Only Talents Agency creates excellent strategies for brand niches that are new to a model or already created by model before joining. Our creative team can turn nothing into something by choosing content that fits each specific client. The opportunities and possibilities are endless when you have the right marketing and sales team behind you.

Creating a well-thought strategy, posting consistently, following schedules, engaging with followers through chat, tracking analytics and organization is the key to our success.

With a highly motivated team, we provide our models with nothing but the highest quality service that are standard to meet your needs.

Why Choose Us



Only Talents Agency develops a professional business relationship with all clients. Our number one goal for professionalism is to make every client feel safe, welcome and important. Every client we work with is our main focus. Each and every model is treated with the same respect and effort.


Our team is screened and under contract. Only Talents Agency was created just for this reason. Our management was built by influencers who wanted to change the way managements are being ran. We are easy to get in contact with, respectful with all of our clients, and very understanding of all concerns.


We do everything off of performance. Based on your current statistics we offer you our agreement which is negotiable. Our decision is decided through a several step process, we look at how much you are currently making, how efficient your account and social media are being ran, and your current brand status based on engagement.

We value, you

Our number one priority is making sure we bring value to your brand. We prioritize all of our models and are here to be transparent and helpful around everything our team is involved with.

Our Pricing

We work off of how we perform for our clients. OTA takes a percentage agreed upon by both parties. No flat rates are involved which gives our clients a peace of mind knowing that we only take a portion of what we make them. We respect all of our clients questions and concerns.